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Final diffusion meeting in Santander, Spain
08/02/2012 – 10/02/2012
February 8th: Partnership working session (devoted to full partners)
February 9th and 10th: “Present and Future of Port Water Quality Management in the EU Atlantic Area” Workshop was held in Santander, Spain.

Link to agenda and presentations:

This Workshop hosted three sessions. Two of them devoted to invited presentations on port management systems, Session 1, and the latest scientific and technological advances related with port management activity, Session 3.
On the other hand, Session 2 was opened for reseachers, technical professionals and managers, to present their work through oral presentations or posters which were included in the priority topics of this Workshop as follows:

The main ideas from this workshop can be accessed here.

Radio interview:
An interview about some of the ongoing work within the project was aired on Portugese radio station, Antenna 1, on Saturday the 8th of October.
A sound clip of the interview can be accessed here. (Audio file: 11MB: Portugese)

Video Presentation:
A presentation to explain the work within the Portonovo project, was made at an event on the 21st September for representatives of the Spanish port authorities. This event was held at IH Cantabria, Santander. This presentation was given under the guise of the Technological Platform for the Coastal and Marine Environment PROTECMA (Plataforma Tecnológica para la Protección de la Costa y del Medio Marino).
A video clip of the presentation can be accessed here. (Video file: 72MB: Spanish)

Open Seminar meeting, held at Cité de la Mer, Cherbourg
Organized by Communauté urbaine de Cherbourg, France
10 February 2011, Cherbourg, France
Link to agenda and presentations:

Open Seminar meeting, held at Sala de Reuniões do DEM, Pavilhão de Mecânica III , IST, Lisbon, Portugal
Organized by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)
27th July 2011, Lisbon, Portugal
Link to agenda and presentations:

External Links to useful websites:

The Molluscan Eye: a website to to study mollusc behaviour in their natural habitat
and constantly monitor water quality


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Final Documents & Software :

Please reference these documents as :

"Authors. 2012. Title of the specific report. Technical Report #x.x, PORTONOVO Project: Water quality in harbours. INTERREG IVB, Atlantic Area Programme, Ref:2009-1/119."


Project Leader: IH Cantabria (Universidad de Cantabria)

Chapter 1: Governance Activity

Activity Leader: Communauté urbaine de Cherbourg (CUC)

Chapter 2: Environmental Risk Assessment

Activity Leader: IH Cantabria (Universidad de Cantabria)

Chapter 3: Environemental Modelling Activity

Activity Leader: Intituto Superior Técnico (IST)

Chapter 4: Monitoring Activity

Activity Leader: AZTI Tecnalia

Chapter 5: Decision Support System & Case Studies

Decision Support System (DSS) & Case Studies website.
This website will display the data gathered and used for the case studies with the PORTONOVO Project.
This is a protected website because it contains relevant information for the ports that are involved in the project, nevertheless to see how this data will be handled and displayed in a fictional Test case you can log on as a Guest user using the following:

Username- harbour         Password- puertos

Userīs video - guide:

Download Portonovo DSS software (233Mb)

Activity Leader Falmouth Harbour Commisioners

Chapter 6: Communication Activity

Activity Leader: Queens University Belfast