Communauté Urbaine de Cherbourg

Department Manche
Country France
Region Basse-Normandie 

The UCC is a local authority which represent 5 cities including the city of Cherbourg. 

CUC has got several field of competence : environment, economic development, country planning, water service...

Partner Skills

UCC draw up an agenda 21 in 2007 which group together more than 40 actions dealing with environment. This document contain one action which aim to establish a roadstead contract*. This is a french procedure which goal is to harmonize the harbour governance and to define actions to increase water quality in harbours.  

Moreover, UCC has got the responsability of the the public service of water managment on its  territory.
* The roadstead of Cherbourg, which shelters harbour activities, is the biggest artificial roadstead of the world. 
UCC has got experience as a partner on interreg projects like, for instance, the "new epoc" project (2003-2007) dealing with the economic renewal of port cities. 
Besides its responsability with the water managment, UCC will set up the roadstead contract with all the competent actors on its teritory. The harbour of Cherbourg indeed groups together many different activities (naval base, marina, port of transport, business, fishing port) and thus of numerous actors. This contract will be set up at the same time as the interreg 4B project. 
Participation in the Work Plan
UCC will participate in all the WP dealing with the harbour governance : study of the technical and legislative context, classification system of harbour areas, case study and decision supporting system. The harbour of Cherbourg could be a good case to study because of its high number of activities.