Gobierno de Cantabria

Country Spain
Region Cantabria

The Consejería de Medio Ambiente is the Environmental Department of the Region of Cantabria within the Regional Government of Cantabria. Its main function is the development and management of the necessary actions to protect the environment of Cantabria, including the marine aquatic environments (transitional and coastal). In terms of water management, the Environmental Department of Cantabria is the water authority of the Region. One of the most important legal responsabilities developed by this Department in the last few years has been the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the coastal and transitional waters in the whole Cantabrian territory. Some specific issues in that process have dealt with the sustainable management of the Bay of Santander, an important coastal area because of its socio-economic, touristic and environmental values, which includes the Port of Santander.

Partner Skills

Knowledge and experience in environmental issues

The Consejería de Medio Ambiente has participated at other INTERREG projects (POST PRESTIGE, PORTS NETS SO/2.1/E1) and it has wide experience related with environmental issues.
Participation in the Work Plan
Governance Activity