Falmouth Harbour Commissioners

Country UK
Region South West

Provide input and analysis on all work packages especially those concerning port activities, contingency planning and management techniques.  To contribute to the design and establishment of Port activity Good Practice Manuals. 

Work in parallel with partners to develop a robust system for identification and classification of potential port hazards. 

Contribute to the development and validation of 'transparent' standardized methodological procedures for numerical modelling and spatial analyses.  

Provide and implement a permanent buoy for scientific & technical instruments aimed at providing the scientific & research community an ongoing station for monitoring for a range of actions, these will include instruments for measuring water quality and invasive species.

Action implemented project month 4th enabling primary data to be gathered /analysed in line with the project aims. 

Partner Skills

FHC possess an extensive skill set inclusive of hands on management of crisis and contingency planning, integrated coastal zone management. Dr Lupson has extensive expertise with marine /maritime issues. These include marine environmental management (GIS), maritime crisis response and issues concerning risk/safety/security as well as an in-depth knowledge of marine-maritime policy. She has worked in 4 Interreg 111b projects inclusive of EMDI, IMPACTE and GASD with a particular focus on Marine issues. Underpinning this strong research skill set the FHC due to the nature of the work hold a wealth of expertise relating to the everyday management of port activities, these regularly include identifying and resolving potential problems at an early stage and ensuring environmental objectives are realised. 
The port has a specialised Sustainable Maritime Officer who will contribute to the project bringing considerable knowledge of quality systems and the implementation of management systems.

The port of Falmouth is located in a Special Area Conservation which demands for specific attention with regards to environmental hazards and the balancing of port activities in a sustainable manner. The port contributes positively to SAC meetings and regularly seeks to identify innovative methods to reduce the impact of port activities. FHC are recognised as providing leadership with regards to sustainable port activity in the South West and have demonstrated commitment to addressing environmental at all levels.  Furthermore the port integrates the overarching crisis management plans in line with Local Regional and National authorities. The compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code underscores the experience relating to this particular project.  It is envisaged that the Port of Falmouth will bring a great deal of added value to the project by extending a well developed network of actors and stakeholders. 
Participation in the Work Plan
Attend all meetings and workshops as required. 
Provide documentation relating to work-packages. 
Provide analysis for WP1 as required
Provide a conduit for project communication and dissemination
Provide for a workshop 
Assist in the development of databases and data inputs
Provide case study for the Port of Falmouth based on agreed methodology
Install a permanent buoy specific for scientific monitoring instrumentation and assist in data collection.  
Contribute to a harbour observatory by way of Buoy. 
Contribute to the development of Hand Books
Provide for the development of standardised modelling procedures 
Assist in the identification of corrective and preventive measures for the most relevant hazards in the Atlantic Region.