Universidad de Cantabria

Department Fundación Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental
Country Spain
Region Cantabria

With 30 years of experience on the oceanographic engineering field and more than 110 researchers of different specialties (engineers, biologists, chemists, geographers, modellers and physics, among others) IH Cantabria is dedicated to develop in the different aspects of the water cycle and, more importantly, to put it work for society. This way, IH Cantabria has focused its research on the development of knowledge, methodologies in order to analyze problems related with the oceanographic and estuarine dynamics, the coast line evolution, ports and maritime works, transport and water quality processes and ecological status assessment in accordance with the Water Framework Directive (WFD).
The recognition of port’s economic and social relevance, and its designation as heavily modified water bodies by the WFD, has allowed the adaptation of their environmental objectives to the good ecological potential. This allows recognition of the diverse and complex environmental problems of port spaces requiring specific management tools which go further.
This way, IH Cantabria, in cooperation with Puertos del Estado, has developed a specific tool included within the ROM Programme named as ROM 5.1 “Quality of coastal waters in port areas” (Available at: http://www.puertos.es/es/programa_rom/rom_51_05_en.html). This tool allows us to carry out an environmentally sustainable management in the port areas as has been demonstrated through its applications in ports such as:  Gijón, Huelva, Tarragona, Santander and Cádiz.
The mission of IH Cantabria is to become an international centre of excellence specializing in basic and applied research as well as focusing on the development of studies, methodologies, and tools for the management of aquatic ecosystems including superficial and subterraneous waters, transitional and coastal water bodies integrating the relevant processes as well as the socio economic aspects associated with an efficient and sustainable management of the water cycle.
Main skills referred to the project:
·         Assessment and monitoring of aquatic systems monitoring
·         Basin and coastal zone management
·         Coastal and port engineering 
·         Environmental Risks and Impacts
·         Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modeling
The acquired proficiency in the scientific fields referred above, has permitted the participation of IH Cantabria in some key State and European funded projects such as: VIGES2, VULMA, VERTITOX, THESEUS and DRACORE, among others. Please click on the following link for further information http://www.ihcantabria.unican.es/es/inicio.asp
Participation in the work plan:
IH Cantabria as the leader of the project participates in all activities and actions, more over IH Cantabria is:
-          The leader of Activity 1 Preparation: IH Cantabria was coordinating all the information transfer and work plan development.
-          The leader of Activity 2 Coordination: IH Cantabria is responsible for the overall management of the project, coordinating also the financial and administrative issues.        
-          The leader of Activity 4 Environmental Risk Assessment: IH Cantabria manages and coordinates the activity, sends proposals of methodological procedures, collects results from partners and sends reports to leaders.
-          The responsible of Action 3 Integration of parameters to estimate risk in Activity 4 Environmental Risk Assessment: IH Cantabria develops methodological approaches to integrate parameters of ERA, collets results from partners and send the final approach to leaders.
-          The responsible of Action 1 Ecological Potential in Activity 6 Monitoring: IH Cantabria carries out the required studies, tests and analyses in order to achieve the expected results.
-          The responsible of Action 2, 3 and 4 of Activity 7 DSS-Case studies: IH Cantabria develops a Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS) and the Decision Support System (DSS).
-          The responsible of Activity 5 Environmental Modelling implementation in the Ports of Huelva and Falmouth.
-          The responsible of Activity 3 Governance implementation in the Ports of Huelva and Santander.